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Terroir, effect of climate and soil conditions on wine quality

VOC Znojmo – Terroir
The expression “terroir” is used more and more among wine-makers and also customers are looking for it much more often.

The terroir philosophy refers to uniqueness of a particular vineyard and exceptionality of the location that goes hand in hand with the wine origin. Terroir is also a logical explanation why wines from two vineyards lying next to each other can be so different. The reason is that it involves not only climate and soil conditions of a given region, but also features starting from altitude, through microclimate, i.e. oscillation of temperature, rain, humidity, fog and wind, as far as soil composition, its structure and rockiness, as well as location, terrain, slope, orientation towards the sun.

In the world you wouldn’t have found two identical vineyards that - despite similarities in location, area and soil composition – would have identical terroir. Differences can be minor; however the wine character is also determined by work of human hands – attentive, kind and diverse as a whole world.