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Tradition of wine-growing and making in the Znojmo region

Tradition of wine-growing and making in the Znojmo region
The Znojmo Region is proud of its long wine-growing tradition; archaeological findings prove that already the ancient Romans grew vine in the Dyje River valley. For examples on the old trade route above the Šobes vineyard you can still see the tracks rut in stoney terrain by heavy Roman carriages.

RBoom of viticulture dates back to the era of the Great Moravian Empire, when Duke Svatopluk ordered to import vine from Austria and Hungary and started to establish the first modern vineyards. Together with the mission of Sts. Cyril and Methodius a new need of wine for liturgy purposes appeared. In the Znojmo Region vineyards were established especially thanks to the Premonstratensians who founded the Monastery in Louka near Znojmo in 1190.

Throughout the following centuries when Christianity hand in hand with vine travelled through entire Europe, wealthy burghers and aristocrats started to be interested in vineyards. A reaction on a wane of viticulture during the Thirty Year War was a boom and dynamic growth in the following centuries, ended by an attack of phylloxera and devastating mould at the end of the 19th century; you might be interested in one historic point that phylloxera in the country was recognised for the first time in 1890 in Šatov.

Revitalisation of vineyards and planting new varieties on the doorstep of modern times launched a harmonic development of vine growing that was brought to Bohemian countries in the 14th century by King Charles IV.