VOC Znojmo

Znojmo – the predicate town

VOC Znojmo – Znojmo – the predicate town
Znojmo is not only a town of wine, but also one of the oldest towns in Central Europe. It lies on the border between Moravia and Austria in the region of grapes, gherkins and apricots. Already in 1226 King Premyslid Otakar I promoted Znojmo to a royal town that soon was surrounded by a ring of vast fortification walls and towers. It was growing and developing and thanks to a permanent favour of ruling royal families it gained many privileges. Disaster hit Znojmo in 1490 when it was destroyed by devastating fire. However, in the following century it rose from the ashes as a beautiful Renaissance town, full of zigzagging streets, romantic look-outs and stylish nooks that charm many visitors up to the present days.

The oldest site in the town is the Romanesque rotunda of St. Catherine found in the complex of the former Premyslid castle. In the historic centre you can find several beautiful churches of all architectural styles, look-out Town Hall Tower or the accessible labyrinth of underground corridors – the largest in the Czech Republic.