VOC Znojmo

Ing. Josef Dobrovolný – Wine Cellar

Ing. Josef Dobrovolny Vinný sklep

The beginnings of the winery stretch back to 1965 and in this sense this producer has many years of experience. The wine cellar situated in the Blue Wine Cellars complex in Nový Šaldorf differs from its neighbours in one unusual thing: its vaults resemble Gothic arches. The cellar serves for maturing and storage of wine, however, you can also go there for a tour with wine-tasting.

The winery uses modern technology, approximately 60 % grapes come from 15 ha of own vineyards from Kraví Hora. There they also grow varieties for the wines marked with the VOC Znojmo label; the vineyard Tři díly in Těšetice is also used for these wines.

R. Svobodové 22, 669 02 Znojmo
tel.: 603 889 022