VOC Znojmo

Agricultural cooperative Hodonice – Tasovice Winery

Zemědělské družstvo Hodonice Tasoviceké vinařství

The Tasovice winery is a part of the Agricultural Cooperative in Hodonice. A total area of vineyards is 120ha, varieties for the VOC Znojmo wines come from the Kamenný vrch vineyard and Staré vinohrady in Tasovice and from the Skalky vineyard in Krhovice. The winery processes only a small part of grapes, the majority is for sale.

The philosophy of the winery is to process every year grapes from the same wine-growing village, vineyard site, part of the vineyard and location. Only then it is possible to compare and appreciate little differences of individual years, thanks to historical archives with a possibility to return back as far as to 1959.

671 25 Hodonice 258
tel: 603 258 605, 737 259 557