VOC Znojmo

Sauvignon Variety

VOC Znojmo – Sauvignon Variety
The variety comes from French Bordeaux and a region along the Loira River. Allegedly the Habans brought it to our country under the name Feigentraube – Fig Grape.

Sauvignon requires good slope locations with poorer, preferably gravelly soils. In less favourable years, northern regions and when higher humidity its aroma and taste shows the tones of freshly cut grass and nettles, which are sought after by some wine lovers. When there was more sunshine and grapes are well matured, Sauvignon will charm you with its fruity tones of black-current or gooseberry aroma, possibly with a citrus mix. Wines have a full body, often with a mineral touch.

Colour light yellowish, greenish tones
Aroma peach, black-current, gooseberry, mineral
Taste peach, black-current, gooseberry, mineral

Typical VOC Sauvignon goes well with

  • • Carp fish from Pohořelice
  • Asparagus variations
  • Roast poultry
  • Sheep or goat cheese
  • Vegetable and fruit salads
  • Sauvignon with residual sugar is ideal to be served with sweet desserts

We recommend: carp steak with dill sauce and mashed potato.