VOC Znojmo

Valtelina Green Variety

VOC Znojmo – Valtelina Green Variety
Valtelina Green is the most grown grape variety in the Czech Republic.

The variety probably comes from Austria, other sources mention that it origins in the Valtelino Valley in Northern Italy. It has big, dense grapes and middle-sized, round, green-yellow berries. It matures later, therefore it requires excellent locations. Wine has a wide spectrum of aromatic agents according to the soil composition. On deep clayey soil the prevailing aroma is linden blossom, on gravelly Palaeozoic soils the aroma and taste resemble bitter almonds, on loess soils the wine shows spiciness blending into pepper. When wine matures in bottles you can discover almond and mineral tones.

Colour light yellow, green-yellow
Aroma with a nutmeg touch or almond tones
Taste fresh, spicy, pepper, mineral

Unique VOC Znojmo Valtelina Green is excellent with

  • Hard cheese as for example: Swiss cheese, Parmesan, cheddar
  • Typical Moravian home-made dishes
  • Roast lamb
  • Apple strudel

We recommend: creamy fish soup with finely cut fresh vegetable and celery.