VOC Znojmo

Wines from the Znojmo Region are more aromatic

One of the reasons why the Znojmo Region gives wines with original taste and legendary diversity is a stylishly wide spectrum of quality white varieties that put them among the top world white wines.

A correct selection of variety has a strong impact on the potential of particular terroir; that is really as a diamond, which human hands cut into exceptional beauty.

VOC Znojmo –  Wines from the Znojmo Region are more aromatic

The Znojmo Region is famous for its full bodied and fresh aromatic white wines thanks to many skilful wine-makers as well as ideal nature and climate conditions. Cold wind from the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands together with thermoregulatory effect of the Dyje, Jevišovka and Jihlava Rivers give to the local wines a typical spicy taste and a full body. Thanks to an alternation of sunny days and cool nights the grapes mature slowly, however, they retain aromatic agents and reach high quality.

Processing and production of quality wines involves modern technology together with knowledge and tradition of the local terroir, which preserve a majority of varietal aromatic agents in wine.