VOC Znojmo

VOC Znojmo – the first Appellation System in CR

VOC Znojmo – první apelační systém v České republice

The Znojmo wine-growing sub-region introduced the first Appellation System in the Czech Republic – the VOC Znojmo, wine original certification.

The founders of the VOC Znojmo are Mr. Jiří Hort and Mr. Jaroslav Chaloupecký. The approving system for granting the VOC Znojmo label was successfully completed in 2009. The Czech Republic made a significant step forward among the successful market systems that practise the controlled origin marketing. Now Znojmo can make use of its market opportunity as the first holder of the VOC Znojmo trademark.

This Appellation System applies only for three most typical grape varieties in the Znojmo Region: Sauvignon, Rhine Riesling and Valtelina Green, or their cuvées, which show a regional typical, united taste profile. The grapes must origin only from the selected and approved vineyard sites.

Thanks to strict requirements so far fifteen wineries took part in the project and we will introduce them to you further.

The application of the VOC Znojmo system is for the Znojmo Region, local wine-makers and the Czech Republic a significant step forward into a new wine era.