VOC Znojmo – The First Appellation System in the Czech Republic

VOC Znojmo – první apelační systém v České republice

The Znojmo wine-growing sub-region introduced the first appellation system in the Czech Republic – VOC Znojmo. VOC stands for vína originální certifikace, wines of original certification. VOC Znojmo was founded by Jiří Hort and Jaroslav Chaloupecký. The approval system for awarding the VOC Znojmo designation was successfully completed in 2009. By taking this step, the Czech Republic followed successful marketing systems practicing controlled origin marketing. Znojmo is now making use of its market opportunities as the first holder of the VOC Znojmo trademark.

The appellation system only applies to wines from the three most typical Znojmo varieties, Sauvignon, Riesling and Grüner Veltliner, or their cuvées, that have a regionally typical, uniform taste profile.

The appellation system stands out thanks to the demanding requirements for the quality of the wines as well as its great success consisting of the fact that 21 selected wineries have joined the project.

The acceptance of the VOC Znojmo system is a significant step into a new wine epoch for Znojmo District, its vineyards and the Czech Republic.

Since 2013, the VOC Znojmo appellation system has grown to include the exclusive Royal Order, whose wines have great potential for aging in the bottle.

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