Methods of Marking Wine

Způsoby značení vín

VOC Znojmo was the first in the Czech Republic to add the Latin marking system to the current German system of marking wine. Both methods now exist independently of each other and provide wine-lovers with more information when making decisions on buying wine.

A. The German method of marking wines divides them into quality categories in accordance with the sugar content of the grapes.

Wine min. 11° NM
Moravian regional wines min. 14° NM
Quality wines (varietal and brand) min. 15° NM
Wines with special attributes – kabinet min. 19° NM
Wines with special attributes – late harvest min. 21° NM
Wines with special attributes – special selection of grapes min. 24° NM
Wines with special attributes – special selection of berries min. 27° NM
Wines with special attributes – ice wine min. 27° NM
Wines with special attributes – straw wine min. 27° NM
Wines with special attributes – special selection of Botrytis-affected berries min. 32° NM

B. Latin Method of Marking Wine – Appellation System

is a system of viewing the quality of wine in accordance with the place of origin of the grapes that gives wines a unique and unmistakable character. In the Czech Republic, these wines have the VOC designation – meaning wines of original certification. The wines also have to meet strict criteria that are checked.


The producer must be a member of VOC Znojmo, z.s.


Only the Sauvignon, Riesling and Grüner Veltliner varieties and their cuvées are permitted.


The grapes have to come from registered vineyards in the Znojmo Wine Sub-region.


The grapes have to have at least 19° NM.


The yield cannot exceed 2.5 kg per vine.


The barrique method is not permitted.


The wine cannot be produced using the method of long maturation in yeast cultures.


Malolactic fermentation is permitted.


Residual sugar is permitted in the wine up to 15 g/l.


The alcohol content of the wine is limited to no more than 13.9% by volume.


The wines have to have the typical characteristics of the Znojmo Wine Sub-region..
VOC marking provides the consumer with clearly-legible information. The most important thing is the ribbon around the neck, according to which every bottle is identified.

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