VOC Znojmo

Information about the association

VOC Znojmo – the first Appellation System in CR

The Znojmo wine-growing sub-region introduced the first Appellation System in the Czech Republic – the VOC Znojmo, wine original certification. The founders of the VOC Znojmo are Mr. Jiří Hort and Mr. Jaroslav Chaloupecký. The approving system for granting the VOC Znojmo label was successfully completed in 2009. The Czech Republic made a significant step forward among the successful market systems that practise the controlled origin marketing. Now Znojmo can make use of its market opportunity as the first holder of the VOC Znojmo trademark.
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Wine marking methods

The VOC Znojmo added a Roman wine-marking system to the current German system. Both methods now exist independently and bring more information to wine lovers when making decisions when buying wines.
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Appellation Systems in other European countries

The VOC Znojmo initiative put the Czech Republic among the circle of big wine-producing countries that successfully apply similar systems – France (AOC), Italy (DOC), Austria (DAC) or Spain (DO). Wines from these countries, for example Chianti, Rioja or Chabli, present clearly recognisable labels on the today’s market.
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Requirements for inclusion of wine in VOC Znojmo

The VOC marking brings clear information to a customer. The most important mark that identifies every bottle is a strap around a bottle neck.
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The Znojmo wine-growing sub-region

The Znojmo wine-growing sub-region is one of four sub-regions in the Moravia wine-growing region; it involves 3 530 hectares of vineyards and 91 wine-growing villages.
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Tradition of wine-growing and making in the Znojmo region

The Znojmo Region is proud of its long wine-growing tradition; archaeological findings prove that already the ancient Romans grew vine in the Dyje River valley. For examples on the old trade route above the Šobes vineyard you can still see the tracks rut in stoney terrain by heavy Roman carriages.
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Presenting the VOC Znojmo wines on the Znojmo Vintage Festival

Every year in mid September the Znojmo Region celebrates the medieval wine-growing traditions during the Znojmo Vintage Festival.
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Znojmo – the predicate town

Znojmo is not only a town of wine, but also one of the oldest towns in Central Europe. It lies on the border between Moravia and Austria in the region of grapes, gherkins and apricots. Found in the historic town centre are several beautiful churches in all architectural styles, look-out Town Hall Tower or the accessible labyrinth of underground corridors – the largest in the Czech Republic.
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Terroir, effect of climate and soil conditions on wine quality

The expression “terroir” is used more and more among wine-makers and also customers are looking for it much more often. The terroir philosophy refers to uniqueness of a particular vineyard and exceptionality of the location that goes hand in hand with the wine origin.
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Wines from the Znojmo Region are more aromatic

One of the reasons why the Znojmo Region gives wines with original taste and legendary diversity is a stylishly wide spectrum of quality white varieties that put them among the top world white wines. A correct selection of variety has a strong impact on the potential of particular terroir; that is really as a diamond, which human hands cut into exceptional beauty.
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A way of the VOC Znojmo wines from vineyard to your table

Wine-makers nominate into the VOC Znojmo only those wines that comply with strict requirements; their overview can be found here. Then according to these rules a wine-tasting committee selects the most typical wines of Sauvignon, Rhine Riesling, Valtelina Green and their cuvées.
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Sauvignon Variety

Colour - light yellowish, greenish tones
Aroma - peach, black-current, gooseberry, mineral
Taste - peach, black-current, gooseberry, mineral
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Rhine Riesling Variety

Colour - light golden, greenish tones
Aroma - honey, linden blossom, mineral
Taste - honey, linden, orange, mineral
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Valtelina Green Variety

Colour - light yellow, green-yellow
Aroma – with muscatel touch or almond tones
Taste - fresh, spicy, pepper, mineral

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